Our Story

Learn more about Adams County through the Historical Society of Quincy & Adams County.

Up and down the Mississippi, and far and wide, Adams County is known for a culture of caring and rolling up sleeves to make things happen. For agriculture and companies that have made names around the world. For the region’s outstanding healthcare and esteemed educational institutions that share our name and heritage. For majestic old homes and its gentle way of living. For its historic downtown and a vibrant place to work, play and live.

Come spend a little time here, and in the end, you’ll know us best by heart. A heart for compassion and the common good. A heart that leads people to give, for as long as it takes. A heart that goes the extra mile to welcome you, support you and encourage you. That’s not just our promise. It’s our heritage. We continue to learn from our past, eager to innovate for our future and see what’s next.